Broward Man on Trial for Trying to Kill Ex-Girlfriend's Lover

Opening statements began Monday in a high-profile case that reads like a movie script. A Broward man is on trial for trying to murder his ex-girlfriend's lover.

The suspect is also caught up in an alleged sexual affair with his lawyer. Despite the accusations, the man's attorney is still defending him in court.

"He's 100 percent innocent of every count that he's charged with," said Attorney Jessica Mishali David. She's standing by her client, and standing by her story.

While Ysreal Granda faces the possibility of life in prison for attempted murder, Mishali David is accused of performing sex acts on him during a private meeting at the jail.

"The person who made that allegation was making it up," Mishali David said.

She's now banned from meeting with Granda in the same room. Something she claims is damaging his right to a fair trail.

"It's been very difficult to prepare. There's a glass that's between us, that's not normal visitation. There's also a video camera in the room, so it's very hard to trust that it is, in fact, confidential," Mishali David said.

Granda is accused of trying to murder his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in Pembroke Pines back in 2012. Prosecutors said Granda fired a gun into the windshield of their car, in a fit of anger.

"Fired not once, not twice, but six times into the windshield," the prosecutor explained.

Granda is facing very serious allegations, both inside and outside of the courtroom.

While a jury will decide Granda's fate this week, the Florida Bar Association is investigating whether Mishali David can continue to practice law.

"He will have the most fair trial with the attorney he wants representing him, the attorney that he trusts who he has a strong relationship with. For a long time, he has asked me repeatedly to remain on his case and that is what I've done, and that is what I'll continue to do," Mishali David said.

The trial is expected to last at least a few days.

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