Broward School Board Approves Teacher Pay Raises

The Broward County School Board on Tuesday unanimously approved a collective bargaining agreement that will usher in a pay raise for teachers in the district by next month.

At least two-thirds of all Broward County teachers -- around 10,800 of them -- will get a 2.16% raise, and the remaining one-third -- 4,100 of them -- will get a 1.63% raise.

Teachers will start seeing raises in their paychecks by the end of this month.

Teachers will be paid those raises retroactively from the first of the year, which amounts to a few hundred dollars total. The salary increase will hold through to next school year. 

The Broward Teachers Union said they had to fight hard for the modest increase.

"I have to tell you it was a little bit of a struggle, our teachers were expecting more than the 2.16% retroactive to January," said union president Ana Fusco.

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