Broward School Board Votes to Fire Teacher Accused of Giving Students Unwanted Hugs

Multiple reports of inappropriate behavior toward students were filed against math teacher Karleef Kebreu

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The Broward County School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to fire a teacher accused of making inappropriate comments and unwanted physical contact with female students.

The school board cited 44-year-old Karleef Kebreu's pattern of inappropriate behavior with students. Multiple reports had been filed against the teacher.

“Those girls were very clear. A lot of them, their stories were consistent. This kept me up last night. I waited because I know how this can impact us," said board member Rosalind Osgood.

“When you look consistently about people who do this kind of behavior, they do it on and on and on for years and years and years, and they deny, deny, deny and more victims are hurt by it," she said.

In June 2019, Kebreau – a math teacher at Miramar High School – faced a one-day suspension after being accused of giving students unwanted “full frontal” hugs and making inappropriate comments.

While Kebreau – who did not have a lawyer -- denied the allegations and appealed the ruling, the Broward County School Board pushed to extend the suspension to 10 days.

A judge ultimately sided with the district committee. But on Tuesday -- with more information -- the board voted unanimously to terminate Kebreau.

“Women ought to be protected. School should be a safe place for girls. They shouldn’t have to be harassed and have all kinds of conversations about their butt," Osgood said.

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