Broward School Bus Driver Lied About Taking Call From Marine Son: Report

Rosanna Lucas made up story about military son's phone call, suspended 10 days: Report

The Broward school bus driver who claimed she was talking to her Marine son serving in Iraq when she was caught answering her cell phone on the job made the story up.

Rosanna Lucas was originally given a five-day suspension after pulling over her empty bus to answer her phone, but Superintendent of Schools Robert Runcie postponed the suspension citing her son's service to the country.

Now Lucas has been suspended to 10 days after it was discovered the phone call didn't come from her son, according to the Miami Herald.

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According to the Herald, a school district investigation revealed Lucas had been caught on the bus' video camera discussing private side business. It also showed Lucas pick up a fellow bus driver at an unauthorized stop, which is also against the rules.

Lucas was also forced to make a formal apology for fibbing about the phone call or risk being fired.

"I voluntarily agree to the 10-day suspension ... and I know that day it was not my son. Thank you," she said, according to the Herald.

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When she was interviewed by NBC 6 South Florida last month, Lucas said the call with her son was brief.

"He said ‘Mom I'm okay, we finished (our) mission, I love you and happy birthday, and that's it," she said at the time.

It's unclear if Lucas has a son serving in Iraq, the Herald reported.

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