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Broward Sheriff's Office Helps 6-Year-Old With Autism Find Lost Therapy Dog

Sampson went missing last Friday after the family stepped out to go to the post office.

When 6-year-old Madeline's French Bulldog Sampson wandered away last Friday, the Broward Sheriff's Office quickly took to the streets to find the beloved pet.

Madeline's mother Tiffany Khuzhian said she frantically called 911 when the dog went missing because "Sammy" is a therapy animal for Madeline, who has autism.

Sammy went missing from the Khuzhian's Oakland Park home on the 6100 block of Northeast 2nd Terrace after the family stepped out to go to the post office.

"I called 911 and these awesome deputies came and saved the day," Khuzhian said.

Deputies scoured the area and shortly after found the dog exhausted and overheated, several blocks away from the home.

"He was worn out, very spent," said Deputy Tally Brown, who found the dog. "I had to carry him to the car."

For one officer, the search hit close to home.

"I have an autistic son," said Deputy Mitchell Lyden. "If Deputy Brown didn't find him, it would have been a sad story."

The joyful reunion was especially meaningful for Khuzhian whose home is being foreclosed.

"My daughter's life is going to become very difficult for her to understand," Khuzhian said.

The mother shared an emotional letter of gratitude with deputies Thursday.

"This was not their job, but they did it," she said. "They did it with integrity, grace and most of all compassion."

Now, Madeline is back to singing nursery rhymes and playing with her pup.

"This is wonderful, I mean we put a smile on a little girl's face," said Deputy Bob Saintien. "I hope I can do this several more times for the remainder of my career."

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