Broward Sheriff’s Office Launches “Full Blitz” on Suspects for Holidays

The Broward Sheriff's Office has teamed up with state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies for its Operation Full Blitz.

Sheriff Scott Israel said the countywide takedown is timed to coincide with the upcoming winter holidays, and it's also why the agency is casting a wide net to catch crooks.

"We're targeting fugitives, illegal drugs, prostitution, aggressive driving, drunk driving, and child sex predators," the sheriff said.

Operation Full Blitz began Friday by targeting aggressive and drunk drivers. The operation has netted close to 120 arrests.

NBC 6 rode along with the BSO's Violent Interaction Proactive Enforcement Response or VIPER Unit on Monday as it took down a woman circling a central Broward park. She approached an unmarked vehicle, and our camera recorded her soliciting sex from a uniformed deputy.

"She propositioned me inside the car for $20 for sex," explained Sgt. George Anthony. "She also had a crack stem on her so she'll be going in for paraphanalia as well."

Though her arrest seemed low level for the VIPER team, which was formed last February by Sheriff Israel to go after the county's most violent offenders, Anthony said she could lead them to higher-profile targets.

"It starts from this individual giving us some valuable information about this drug dealer over here that's selling drugs. We make a buy from this drug dealer, he gives us information on someone that's possibly selling guns, and it just continues to spiral up," he said.

All over Broward Monday, Operation Full Blitz was in action. In Southwest Ranches, the county's drug task force busted a growhouse. The people inside barricaded themselves there for hours, but later surrendered to BSO SWAT. The task force went on to seize 35 marijuana plants.

Nowadays, Anthony says he's noticing criminals are diversifying their hustles to do harm just in time for the holidays.

"They sell drugs during the summer, and once the holidays come back around, they start stealing IDs again, breaking into houses," he said.

With criminals stepping up their game, Israel said his deputies will be stepping up Operation Full Blitz as well.

"It's not over today, this will be going through the holiday season," he said.

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