Broward Teachers Owed $20 Million in Back Pay

School district and teachers union disagree over how to provide back pay

The Broward County school district and the teachers union disagree over a plan to provide teachers some $20 million in back pay.
The issue stems from an overhaul of high school schedules from a block format to a county-wide seven-period school day. The change was designed to bring Broward schools in line with the state's class-size limits. It meant that many teachers were given additional classes to teach.
The Miami Herald reports the school district doesn't dispute the teachers are owed money. The issue is over how they'll be paid.
Broward Teachers Union President Sharon Glickman says school officials have requested a 20-year payment plan. That's unacceptable to the union, which would accept a five-year repayment plan.
Glickman says teachers are owed between $6,000 and $12,000.

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