Broward Woman Made Elderly Man Withdraw Thousands From Banks: Authorities

Lisa Khan charged with grand theft, drove man to banks where he withdrew tens of thousands for her

A South Florida woman is facing a grand theft charge after she drove an elderly man to Broward County banks and made him withdraw tens of thousands of dollars, authorities said.

Lisa Khan, 44, is charged with grand theft of a victim 65 or older, jail records showed. She was being held Thursday on $35,000 bond and it was unknown whether she has an attorney.

According to an arrest report read in bond court Wednesday by Broward Judge John Hurley, Khan was arrested when she took the man to a Bank of America on Broward Boulevard in Plantation.

While in the bank, it looked to employees like Khan was trying to coerce the man, who appeared to be suffering from dementia and didn't appear to have full capacity to understand what was going on, into making withdrawals from his account, Hurley said.

Police were called to the bank and began going through the man's records and found he had made several withdrawals in the past couple months totaling some $35,000, Hurley said.

The victim told police he had made the withdrawals because Khan's son had recently been arrested and needed the money to hire a lawyer, Hurley said.

When officers searched Khan, they found she had over $10,000 in cash in her possession. Another $1,300 was found hidden in her purse, Hurley said. Khan told police she had been saving the money to pay an attorney, Hurley said.

A man who was also in the car and had been waiting for Khan while she was in the bank with the elderly man was found to be illegally carrying a .380 caliber pistol, Hurley said.

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