Broward Woman Unable to Visit Hospitalized Husband As Coronavirus Forces Hospitals to Crack Down on Visiting Hours

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A Broward woman has had her world turned upside down ever since her husband was sent to an intensive care unit following a hit and run at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

For nearly two weeks, Jackie Rodriguez’s husband “Tito” has been in a coma, recovering at Memorial Regional Hospital. During that time, she says she has been limited on how often she can see him.

Hospitals across the nation have become overwhelmed with patients needing treatment for COVID-19. The issue has gotten so bad that many emergency rooms have begun cracking down on visitation hours to prevent the spread.  

Because of those caps on visitation hours, Rodriguez says she’s barely been by her husband’s side.

“He could be here for months, many months,” Rodriguez says. “We’re hoping that in the next month or two he wakes up.”

Tito was walking their dog, Bella Luna, on March 12th, near McKinley street and North 69th avenue, when police say a silver Hyundai Elantra hit him and fled.

The incident left Tito suffering with brain injuries.

“Luckily there was neighbors who heard the impact and were able to come to his aid like within seconds and call 911,” Rodriguez says.

For now, police have little information to go on in searching for the driver, besides the vehicle description.

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