Broward Yoga Studio Abruptly Closes, Leaving Customers Hanging

Fitness customers who showed up to a Broward yoga studio looking for a little zen were left hanging after they discovered the business unexpectedly shut down. 

Customers of Awaken Hot Yoga showed up to the studio in Lighthouse Point a day after a fire sale and saw a note at the door: "It was never my intention to fail with the studio."

They say they're now left without the classes and packages they paid up to hundreds of dollars for. 

Corbin Stacey, the owner of yoga hOMe in Pompano Beach, inherited some of the frustrated customers from Awaken Hot Yoga and is trying to honor some of the packages they bought.

"We had access to what really happening and there was 14 months of yoga promised for like $600 the night before," he said. "The pricing stucture was just really unsustainable. Classes as low as 5, 6 dollars a class."

NBC 6 reached out to Alison Todd, the owner of Awaken, but received this outgoing voicemail message instead: "Hey guys, I really hate saying this and doing this. I didn't want to close the studio."

She goes on to explain why the studio closed so abruptly.

"The financial climate. The local competition," she says in the message. "The numbers are just reduced and it's not possible to keep it open. I apologize for the swift exit."

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