Brutal Beating Caught on Tape

Fort Lauderdale home owners association president beaten, robbed

Fort Lauderdale Police are looking for a robbery suspect who was caught on tape brutally beating his victim.

The incident happened around 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 4, in the parking lot of the Villas of Lakeview residential complex at 5200 Northwest 31st Avenue, police said.

Arthur Burns, the president of the Lakeview home owners association, was trying to quiet down a noise disturbance at one of the units when he was suddenly attacked, police said.

The video shows Burns standing next to his bicycle and talking on a phone before the suspect sneaks up behind him and sucker punches him in the side of his head.

Burns collapses to the ground, and the suspect begins rummaging through his pockets. When Burns tries to get up, he's punched twice in the head, then kicked in the head by the suspect.

The suspect got away with Burns' iPhone. Burns was injured but refused emergency transportation to the hospital, police said.

Police describe the suspect as a black male, about 5-foot-8, 175 pounds with dread locks braided into multiple pony tails. Police are also seeking the suspect's apparent associate, who was at the scene and stood by while the beating and robbery took place.

Anyone with information is asked to call Broward CrimeStoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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