No Bond for BSO Deputy Arrested for Sex Abuse

Jonathan Bleiweiss was named Employee of the Year for BSO's Oakland Park division in 2008

A Broward Sheriff's deputy who was once Employee of the Year will sit in jail while he awaits trial on allegations that he sexually abused illegal immigrants, a judge ruled Tuesday.

In yet another example of local law enforcement abusing their power, Jonathan Bleiweiss, 29, was arrested MOnday and officially charged with 14 counts of false imprisonment, stalking and sexual assault. The disturbing news comes on the heels of five Hollywood police officers' failed attempt to frame a DUI suspect in order to save their own skin.

Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti held a press conference Monday afternoon to explain some of the details.

Bleiweiss, who has been on the force since 2002, may have intimidated and sexually assaulted as many as eight undocumented migrants, but only one victim has been confirmed. The ages of his victim range from 17 years old to 30. He will be held in protective custody away from the rest of the jail population, some of whom he helped put away.

Sheriff Lamberti said Bleiweiss hand picked his victims while he was on duty. Bleiweiss was named Employee of the Year in Oakland Park in 2008. Bleiweiss was openly gay.

The investigation in Bleiweiss' activities began in April and the deputy was placed on administrative restrictive duty last month before finally being arrested. 

According to a BSO press release, the unnamed victim was waiting outisde of an apartment complex in Oakland Park on April 23 when he was first approached by Bleiweiss. Bleiweiss placed him against the patrol unit and during the pat down placed his hand inside the victim’s underwear and groped him. Seeking future sexual encounters, Bleiweiss demanded the victim give up his cell phone number.

The deputy called and sent text messages to the victim in the months that followed leading to further forced sexual encounters, BSO dectives said. 

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