BSO Deputy Cracks Inmates Head With a Walkie Talkie, Arrested

A BSO deputy allegedly hit an inmate in the head with her walkie-talkie to teach him a lesson in respect

Gladys Dauphin should have been included in the new reality show about women cops who don't play that.

The Broward Sheriff's Office detention center employee was arrested Wednesday for beating an inmate upside the head with her handheld radio for disrespecting her. That type of behavior might be acceptable at Guantanomo Bay, but not in the county jail.

It's the second arrest BSO deputies have had to make this week of one of their own, although this one isn't nearly as heinous as intimidating undocumented immigrants into sexual favors. But it's still bad press for Sheriff Al Lamberti, who promised to keep BSO out of the headlines for the wrong reasons.

According to a BSO press release, Dauphin, 37, is charged with aggravated assault and filing a false report. Her victim, Darryl Cunningham, received five stitches to close the gash in his head left from Dauphin's lesson in manners.

A witness to the February incident said he saw Dauphin "whack" Cunningham in the head with her radio. Dauphin has been suspended without pay and was released from jail on $6,100 bond.

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