Burger King Drops The Creepy King

The best mascot ever is now unemployed

The King has been dethroned. Or at least the oversized head of the Burger King mascot has been.

The Miami-based fast food chain announced Friday that they will discontinue use of the King mascot in favor of an advertising campaign that will focus on its food preparation and use of fresh ingredients, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

The new Burger King image will begin this weekend in anticipation of the release of the new California Whopper, which has a guacamole-inspired taste.

The King joins a long line of Florida-based mascots and residents who have headed to the unemployment office. Maybe he could get a job as LeBron James' new publicist.

We, for one, are sad to see the eternally smiling face of the King go.

Miami could use a mascot who is happy despite the world crashing down around it these days.

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