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Burger King Employee Hurls Drink at Customer in Confrontation Caught on Video

The confrontation happened Tuesday between customers and an employee at a Burger King on Hallandale Beach Boulevard.

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A customer got a "Whopper" of a response at a Hallandale Beach fast-food restaurant drive-thru when he said he asked an employee about a missing drink.

The confrontation, which was caught on video, happened early Tuesday around 12:30 a.m. between customers and an employee at a Burger King on Hallandale Beach Boulevard.

"If you was missing a Coke you should’ve said when you was sitting here," the employee tells the customer, who's filming.

"I told you!" the customer is heard saying.

In the video, the employee is seen hurling drinks at Melody Gomez and her boyfriend Elier after arguing over missing items from their order.

"He proceeded to throw the two drinks inside the car, at full speed, while saying a bunch of stuff. And then after when they got out of the car - I got into the driver's seat, and he saw I had the window down, he looked me in the face and threw a large slushie full speed at my face, hitting me on the side," Melody said.

The video, which was posted on social media, shows that even before Melody and Elier get their order, the employee has an earlier confrontation with another customer.

"Go on, get your food, grab it," the employee tells the customer, who is standing at the drive-thru window.

The customer grabs his bags and tells the employee, "You are an ---hole!"

"You're an ---hole," the employee responds.

By the time the couple asked for their missing items, things are already heated.

Elier posted the video on social media, where commenters have pointed out he and other people in the car are heard using a racist slur repeatedly.

When asked if he understood how his use of the slur can be seen as racially insensitive or charged, Elier said he couldn't see it that way.

"As you can tell in my other videos, I use it as an expression, not as a racist or trying to offend someone," he said.

In a statement, Burger King said, “… We are working with the franchisee to better understand what took place at this location and what steps need to be taken as a result.”

The employee at the Burger King said that the people in the car threw something at him — a packet of ketchup — and that may be what led to the reaction.

The couple says whatever the case, his reaction was unwarranted.

"I want people to know this is not right in any aspect 'cause I never got physical and he did get physical with me," Elier said.

Hallandale Beach Police confirmed that they responded to the Burger King, but there's no active investigation and currently, no charges are being pursued.

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