Burglar in Hospital After Being Shot by Oakland Park Homeowner

Officials say an Oakland Park homeowner who shot a burglar was within his rights to defend himself.

An Oakland park man admitted he had never shot his gun until Wednesday evening when a suspect broke into his home.

"I knew I was within my right," said the 73-year-old retired teacher who wished to remain anonymous. "I mean, he was in my house, invading my house."

At about 5 p.m., investigators say Kevin Madigan, 45, of Boca Raton, smashed a window and broke into the house near Commercial Boulevard and Federal Highway.

Inside, the two came face-to-face in the living room. As the burglar collected valuables, including a TV, the homeowner left the living room, according to officials.

When the homeowner returned, gun in hand, the suspect was already outside and in a fight with a neighbor who was on the phone, giving Broward deputies the suspect's license plate number, officials said. That's when the homeowner walked out and shot the burglar several times.

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"Good, wonderful, good for him," said the homeowner's friend Max Fuller. "I wish more people would do that. It's ridiculous for people to break into homes and think they can get away with it."

After the shooting, Madigan jumped into his car and took off, only to crash into some bushes about a mile away. Medics rushed him to Broward Health medical center with non-life threatening injuries. Once he is released from the hospital he'll go to the Broward County jail.

Investigators said the homeowner was within his right to stand his ground.

"As a matter of procedure, it may go to the state attorney's office for review," said Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman Mike Jachles. "This man was just defending his property, defending his neighbor and defending himself."

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