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Burglars Hit Three Salons/Spas in Weston

A pair of quick and efficient thieves hit multiple salons in Weston over the last few weeks, but in the latest heist; law enforcement got their best look at the duo yet.

Venture Salon was hit over the weekend. One of the burglars watched the street as the other took out the lock to get them into the store. The duo collected two Apple computers, two monitors, two iPads, and more. All total, they made out with an estimated $10,000 in goods from the salon.

“They went straight to the computer system,” said Zeev Fragahzan who runs security for Venture Salon. “There were two big monitors, actually three big monitors, and they stole the first two monitors and computers.”

But the thieves weren’t done with the Venture Salon just yet. They re-entered the store, but they weren’t targeting hair care products on the second pass. Fragahzan believes they came back to pull the security video.

“They can’t find it. That’s where we got the best shots of the face of these two individuals,” Fragahzan said.

Deputies believe the thieves have hit two other Weston salons recently. On January 19th, the duo is believed to hit the Sanctuary Spa. The owner of Sanctuary Spa, Ana Limonchi, said the crooks removed the entire lock from the front door and walked right in.

“They had taken the register from the front, the computer, and some money from the register for the night,” Limonchi said.

Limonchi told detectives that her alarm sounds within 45 seconds of a break-in. Deputies investigating the break-ins said the duo was likely in and out of Sanctuary Spa within 60 seconds.

The third salon/spa hit by the duo was Justair, which was burglarized on January 11th.

If you have any information about the burglaries, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477).

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