Burglary Call Leads Cops to Florida City Grow House

Police investigating a burglary call at a Florida City home found a marijuana grow house Thursday, officials said.

Officers were called to the home in the 800 block of Northwest 3rd Street around 12:30 a.m. and found nothing, Florida City Police said.

But when they were called to the home a second time, they spotted the plants inside the home. Officers waited for a search warrant before going inside.

About 25 pot plants were found at the home, and some were found outside the home among some bushes, officials said.

The value of the plants was about $25,000, police said.

The homeowner said he is evicting the people who live in the home and said he hasn't seen them in months.

"It seems like it could've been somebody was trying to either burglarize the home or take the plants out themselves," Florida City Officer Ken Armenteros said.

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