Burned Boy Released From Hospital for the Holidays

Michael Brewer just completed his third skin graft

Jackson Memorial Hospital confirmed that Michael Brewer was released from the hospital Tuesday just months after being nearly burned alive during an attack by a group of his so-called friends.

"He will be home for Christmas," Jackson Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Lorraine Nelson told the Sun-Sentinel.

The Brewer's family Christmas wish came true and caps an amazing recovery considering the terrible ordeal the 15-year-old has gone through.

Brewer was doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire on Oct. 12 and has since undergone three skin graft procedures and a myriad of physical therapy sessions. Doctors had initially said it will take years for Brewer to fully heal from his wounds and even longer for some of the emotional scars.

Three of Brewer's attackers are currently facing felony attempted murder charges for the attack and two others are still under investigation.

Brewer's family have been on the Today Show and other national media outlets speaking about teen violence and the need for authorities and schools to step up their efforts to prevent such crimes from happening.

"He is a strong boy," his mother, Valerie has said repeatedly. " We know he is going to pull through this."

She appears to be right, but no one expected a miracle this quickly. 

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