“Burn Notice” Star Wants More Miami Bucks

Jeffrey Donovan wants to push for more shows produced in Miami

Spy by day. Economic boon for Miami by night.

Jeffrey Donovan told state legislators Tuesday that his USA Network show, "Burn Notice," was the real deal when it comes to generating cash for South Florida.

Sure, it closes a few streets and causes a few headaches, but when you're bringing in a reported $28.4 million in revenue, no one really cares. And that's not including Donovan's bar tabs at the club.

The Miami Herald reported that Donovan's appearance in Tallahassee was to endorse the state's film tax incentive and to ask for more bonuses for shows to actually film in the Magic City. Just what we need, more celebrities prancing around the city.

To back Donovan and the film industry, the state has commissioned a group called the Film, Entertainment and Television legislative caucus, which as far as we can tell will try to woo producers to the state.

Orlando Rep. Alan Grayson moves one step closer to his own reality TV show.

But before the floodgates to the Miami skyline open up, let's try to get rid of some of the bad shows already shooting down here, like "Miami Social" or that Kardashian cartoon (no offense Lamar).

We actually wouldn't mind having another major cable show filmed down here, but our top choice would be a "Miami Vice" remake.

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