Busch Gardens Prepares Meat Cake, Ice Pops for World Lion Day

Busch Gardens is celebrating World Lion Day with a special treat for its brand new cubs.

Busch Gardens is celebrating World Lion Day this weekend with a special meat cake for its lions and an appearance by three new lion cubs.

The Edge of Africa Zoo Team, along with the Zoo Education Team, prepared meat ice pops made just for the lions.

On Saturday, cubs Kembe, Shtuko and Shaba will come out to enjoy a slice of cake. Theme park officials will also have cake for humans, too.

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On Sunday, the park is celebrating the 7th birthday of two female lions, Iris and Rose. Simon, a male lion, turned seven earlier this year and will also join the festivities.

The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund supports various lion protection projects in Africa, including educating native populations about how to live harmoniously with the animals.

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