Butt-Injecting Transgender Found Not Guilty

Viva, as she is known in booty enhancement circles, offered booty injections for $600

Donnie Hendrix won't be the butt of anyone's jokes in a Florida prison - at least not right now.

A Flagler County jury acquitted the transgender and wanna-be beautician of practicing a health care profession without a license, stemming from claims that she was pumping women's butts full of silicone to give them more junk in their trunk.

Hendrix, 41, was convicted of the same crime in 2003 after a silicone injection proved lethal for a Miami woman.

Viva, as she is known in booty enhancement circles, was charging between $400 and $600 for the injections. Eventually she stuck the wrong butt cheeks - two undercover cops - which led to her arrest in July.

Defense attorneys argued the latest allegations were cosmetic, much like Hendrix's butt injections, and did not count as a health care profession. The jury agreed.

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