Buyers Puff Puff Passing on Lil’ Wayne’s Pad

Lil' Wayne's Miami Beach apartment on sale for $520,000 and all the weed you can smell

Getty Images

You know it's got to be owned by Lil' Wayne when the first question the Realtor asks is, "Do you mind the smell of marijuana?"

The New York Post is reporting Weezy F. Baby is having a tough time selling his $520,000 condo on South Beach because he can't quite get the bud smell out of his pad. That's what we call weeding out potential buyers.

The Post quotes a person who toured the apartment recently as saying, "Once we got there, a member of Wayne's posse opened the door to the overwhelming smell of marijuana."

Weezy loves weed. We all know that. But we didn't know he painted his walls with it. Wayne has another condo at the Murano Grande.

By all accounts, Wayne is a neat tenant and the pad is made for a baller. It's also in a desirable location, but you just have to get past getting high every time you take a breath.

The potential renter also said there were a few video chicks in the apartment at the time of the tour and they were in full video attire - nothing but bra and panties. We're not sure if they come with the apartment, but we'd have to sacrifice our nostrils if they did.

Wayne, however was not present for the tour, but he made sure his favorite scent was everywhere.

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