Cab Driver Exchanges Gunfire With Attempted Robbers: Miami Police

Miami Police detectives were investigating a case where a taxi driver was shot at, as the result of a robbery.

Police said the cab driver demanded payment from a man and woman who initially pretended to be customers as he picked them up after flagging his taxi down at Biscayne Boulevard and 54th Street, shortly before 7:45 a.m. Wednesday.

According to detectives, a young couple approached the taxi cab seeking his services, began conversing with him and instructed him to go to several parts of Miami.

The taxi driver felt uneasy and as they approached the corner of the 3500 block of Biscayne Boulevard, he stopped and demanded payment. Simultaneously, police said the supposed male customer pulled a gun out, pointed it to the driver's head and demanded money.

Before the pair fled on foot, gunfire was exchanged between the taxi driver and the robber who pointed the gun.

No one was hurt during the exchange of gunfire. An undetermined amount of money was taken from the driver.

Detectives learned the couple was seen running into a room at the Wishes Motel located at 3530 Biscayne Boulevard. After minutes of knocking on the door, the four occupants of the room were detained and taken into custody for questioning.

Christian Suarez and Nicole Iacono have both been arrested.

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