Christmas Camel's Church Belly Flop Caught on Tape

Massive hump-backed animal falls on people in pews

A Christmas show camel got a little too close for comfort for audience members at a West Palm Beach Baptist church Thursday night, after it did a belly flop onto a row of pews during a rehearsal.

The incident happened at the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach and was filmed and posted to YouTube, thankfully.

The video shows the massive hump-backed mammal being escorted down the aisle before it tumbles over a few rows of pews an onto helpless spectators.

Liz Reilly, an audience member who saw the whole thing unfold, said she was "in shock," but that it didn't appear anyone was hurt, including the camel.

"He got right up and walked out, so I guess (he was okay)," Reilly told the Palm Beach Post.

West Palm Beach Fire-Rescue said they didn't respond to any calls at the church.

The church Christmas show runs through this weekend.

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