Camera Captures Man Rummaging through Apartment at Senior Complex

A surveillance camera in an elderly man's bedroom captured a thief rummaging through his belongings, and he said the man stole hundreds of dollars from him.

It happened at the Saga Bay Apartments, a senior living complex in Cutler Bay.

Just 10 minutes after the couple, Hilda and Andres Diaz, left their apartment to go to the dentist, a man walked straight into their bedroom and made himself right at home.

What the burglar didn't know? The couple's grandkids installed a surveillance camera next to the bed, hidden inside a box.

They installed it after $1,500 went missing from underneath a bedroom drawer in June. It's the same drawer the guy targeted on Friday.

When he didn't find anything, he proceeded to check boxes and jewelry cases, until he appeared to find the camera. He turned it around and took off.

"He stole my money, he stole my sleep and my confidence in living here," Andres said.

Turns out, he's not just any guy. The building manager said that man caught on camera used to work at Saga Bay as a maintenance worker. He quit in May, but has been spotted around the area.

"If he no longer works here, how did he have a key? How did he get in the building?" the couple questioned.

They're not the only ones asking questions. More than a dozen people who live in the complex claim they've had money or jewelry stolen over the past two months.

The manager is now changing the locks on all 120 apartments, while detectives investigate what happened.

The man in question has not been arrested and has not been charged with any crime.

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