Camera Catches Driver Stealing Tip Jar From Miami Restaurant Ms. Cheezious

A Miami restaurant says a delivery man was caught on camera stealing the employee tip jar.

Grilled cheese eatery Ms. Cheezious said the theft happened Monday night at the restaurant on Biscayne Boulevard. They say a Postmates driver walked out with the tip jar after picking up a delivery.

"[It was] approximately $200. You know it was a lot and we were busy and we were winding up the day. It was the end of the day," owner Christian Dickens said. "He definitely knew what he was doing. And he had a little smirk as if he wasn’t going to get caught."

The incident was caught on the restaurant's surveillance camera. The restaurant said the thief swiped the jar when the person working the register turned around to speak with another employee.

"The report about this incident is deeply troubling, and when notified on July 23, we immediately removed the Postmate in question from the platform, reached out to the merchant to provide our support (including reimbursement), and reached out to law enforcement to cooperate with any broader investigation," Postmates said in a statement.

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