Cancer Patients Get Free House Cleaning

A program called Cleaning for a Reason has partnered with local housekeepers Home Maid Professionals to do what patients can't during chemo

Housekeepers are cleaning homes for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy -- and they are doing it for free.

"These are everyday things we take for granted, but when you are going through an experience like cancer, it makes these every activities difficult," said Home Maid Professionals' Rosalie Modelewski.

Home Maid Professionals have teamed up with  Cleaning For a Reason, a non-profit organization that makes it possible for cancer patients undergoing treatment to have their home cleaned once a month at no charge.

Cynthia Cadwell was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. Since then, she's had six chemotherapy treatments and not a lot of energy to do everyday household chores.

That's where Home Maid Professionals comes in.

"I couldn't ask for anything better, because it's very difficult to come home from chemo and have to worry about having to clean," Cadwell said.

Now, she and the housekeepers are fighting dirt, dust, and cancer together.

"You build a bond and a friendship," Modelewski said.

She and her team have been cleaning Cadwell's home for three months now. It's not only saving Cadwell hundreds, but keeping her hectic life more manageable (and cleaner).

"We enjoy having them here," she said. "And they are very fun."

For more information about  Cleaning for a Reason, visit or call 1-877-337-3348.

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