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Car Crashes Into Fort Lauderdale Assisted Living Facility

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue crews say the car damaged the assisted living facility's sprinkler system.

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A car crashed into the side of a housing complex in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday morning.

The crash happened near the corner of Southwest 31st Avenue and 12th Place around 11 a.m.

The car was driving southbound on 31st Avenue when it somehow lost control, went through the gate, and slammed right into the building.

The driver of the Toyota Carolla was not hurt and was not charged for the accident.

According to officials, the building is an assisted living facility called Joan’s Transitional Housing. At least six full-time occupants live there, according to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

One of those residents was hurt in the crash and was taken to the hospital but is expected to recover.

The crash also damaged the ALF’s fire sprinkler system, according to fire officials.

“Because it is that type of facility, it's required to have fire sprinklers in also other state recommendations. Like backup generators and things like that. In this situation, the vehicle that went into the building damaged those fire sprinklers,” Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Chief Stephan Gollan said.

After the car was towed, fire officials investigated to make sure the building is safe enough for the residents.

The fire inspector later deemed the building unsafe and placed an orange sticker on it. The building is insured, the owner said, and another contractor is coming to fix the hole.

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