Car Crashes Into Lauderhill Building, Family Says Driver is Pregnant

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A female driver lost control of her car and drove over a parking spot and into the kitchen of an apartment in the complex where she lives in Lauderhill, police said. The incident occurred Sunday at 2232 Northwest 56th Ave.

The driver and passenger were treated on the scene for minor injuries. 

The tenant of the apartment, Lorraine Brown, says she was sitting outside on the stairs when the car came barreling through her kitchen.

“I heard the explosion and the steps jerked so when I looked around I saw the car in the house,” Brown said.

Family members tell NBC 6 the driver is pregnant and possibly had cramps when the crash happened. The driver and passenger live in the apartment complex. 

According to the family, both women are expected to be okay. The pregnant driver went to get an ultrasound as a precaution.

As for Brown and her loved ones, they now need to find a place to stay.

“Very bad shape inside. All of the kitchen stuff and everything exploded. We can’t even get to cook,” Brown said.

They were told by the fire department that it is unsafe to be inside and the wall is currently boarded up. 

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