Car Crashes Through Miami Furniture Store

Thousands of dollars in damage was caused to Lyn's Furniture in Miami, after a car plowed through the storefront.

This isn't a new occurrence in Miami. Something similar has happened on several other occasions.

In fact, cars have collided with Lyn's Furniture twice in the past.

"I'm still in shock. This is the worst that's ever happened," said Marcos Altamirano, the store's owner. "The vehicle went inside, all the way inside the store. The last time it just hit the wall, hit the glass, broke it, but never inside the building."

First responders say the black Mercedes tore through the front window moments after a collision with another car.

According to the owner, the insurance company will not cover all the store's expenses because their coverage expired two months ago.

"Thousands of dollars that we lost here that we lost in furniture," continued Altamirano. "Now we have to fix the wall, the glass."

Nobody was hurt in the incident. Officers are working to determine what caused the incident.

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