Car Drives Into Store in Pembroke Pines

Driver suffers minor injures after car goes into food store on Pembroke Road.

Authorities responded after a car crashed into a convenience store in Pembroke Pines Tuesday morning.

The car crashed through the front of the store at 9051 Pembroke Road around 9:30 a.m. The driver suffered minor injuries, authorities said.

"I'm shaken up, but I'm okay," driver Maseloin Login said.

The grey sedan ended up completely inside the store. The store's owner was the only one inside when the car came crashing through. He took off running to the back, away from merchandise and falling glass, but wasn't injured.

"I was shouting 'Please turn off the engine,' then she turned off the engine. Two or three people came and took her from the car," said the owner, who only gave his first name of Ali.

The driver said she was going to get a soda and wasn't sure if she hit the gas or brake pedal, authorities said.

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