Car Possibly Involved in Fatal Accident Found: Officials

The car caused another vehicle to spin out of control and get hit by an oncoming tow truck, officials said

Officials have confirmed with NBC 6 that a car matching the description of the vehicle involved in the deadly hit and run on the Turnpike has been found.

The owner of the car is cooperating with investigators but no suspects have been named, authorities said.

A woman was killed in a hit and run crash on the Turnpike Friday night around 200th street, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Elizabeth Sanchez, 37, was a passenger traveling northbound on the Turnpike when the car she was in was struck by another vehicle, that official described as possibly light-colored PT Cruiser.

The Cruiser made an improper lane change when it hit the car, driven by Bryan Echevarria, causing it to spin out of control and face oncoming traffic.

A tow truck traveling north slammed into the right front of the car, killing Sanchez, officials said.

"It's a pain that will never, ever heal," Sanchez's mother, Iraide Hernandez, told NBC 6 in Spanish.

Echevarria suffered serious injuries and remains at Kendall Regional Medical Center.

The driver of the tow truck remained on the scene but the driver of the PT Cruiser fled, a report said.

Sara Lopez, who is married to Echevarria and was best friends with Sanchez, said the two had gone out to run an errand.

"I was supposed to have been in her seat, and fortunately and unfortunately I stayed home with her niece," Lopez said. "We kept calling and calling, why wouldn't they answer. If they got a flat they would have answered."

Lopez said her husband looked "very beat up" and had a gash on his head "the size of a football."

Authorities said Sanchez was not wearing a seat belt. She leaves behind a 16-year-old son, a 15-year-old daughter and her mother.

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