Teen Killed as Car is Split in Half in Hialeah Crash

A teen was killed and another seriously hurt after their car slammed into a tree and split in half overnight in Hialeah.

The crash occurred around 1 a.m. Thursday at the intersection of Northwest 87th Avenue/West 28th Avenue and north of 112th Street/West 60th Street in Hialeah.

According to initial reports, the silver sedan was heading southbound on West 28th Avenue when it crossed over into the other direction and slammed into a tree, splitting the car in half.

Neighbors report that they were woken up by the loud crash.

A 17-year-old, Natasha Gutierrez, riding in the passenger side was killed, while the 18-year-old male driver, Danyelo Rivalta, was taken to the hospital, according to Hialeah Fire Rescue. Rivalta remained in stable condition late Thursday.

It does not appear that any other cars were involved in the accident.

"It was a serious crash, very serious, the car was completely destroyed," witness Hugandy Perez said, in Spanish.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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