Car Thieves Arrested at Hialeah Dealership

A car dealership in Hialeah helped police nab people suspected of fraudulently purchasing a vehicle.

Employees at Connection Motors said a woman by the name of Miskea Smith-Gray used someone else's identification to purchase a Cadillac from the dealership.

"Fantastic credit, which when we saw, we were astonished," said dealership employee Felipe Pereira. "We were like, 'wow, you know, they look like decent people and all.'"

The salesman said Smith-Gray handed over a driver's license with her picture on it. She passed all other checks and within an hour drove away in her new car. Only after she left did the dealership realize something went wrong.

"The bank contacts us and they figure out that that's not really the person that took the car," Pereira said.

The dealership got lucky. The next day after allegedly stealing the car, the same woman returned with a man to Connection Motors because they had a problem with the car key. Employees said they already knew by that point she had used fake identification.

"So we said, 'Sure, we'll take care of the problem,'" Pereira said. "We held them down at the dealer, we took the car, and we contacted the police. In a matter of five minutes, the police were there and we had them arrested."

This isn't the first time this dealership has had fraudulent customers. Just last week, another woman got away with an Infiniti G37. Dealership employees believe both cases are connected.

"We got to stay on the lookout and we got to make sure we verify that these people are actually who they say they are," Pereira said.

The Infiniti has not been located. The dealership is offering a reward. Anyone with information is urged to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477).

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