Car Vs. Building: Stopping Storefront Crashes in Florida

It can happen when you go to buy lottery tickets, have your nails done or pick up a pizza.

An out-of-control vehicle crashing into a building happens at least 60 times a day across the country, according to the Storefront Safety Council. The advocacy group started collecting accounts of cars crashing into buildings because that type of information isn’t collected and compiled by any state agency.

The group says since it started collecting data in 2012 and Florida has had more crashes into buildings than nearly any other state. And within Florida, their data shows that nearly 1 in 4 of the crashes in our state happen in Broward or Miami-Dade.

Those two South Florida counties have different rules when it comes to barriers in front of stores to prevent vehicles from leaving the parking lot and crashing into the building. On Monday night at 11, NBC 6 Investigator Tony Pipitone looks at what some call a life-saving device and why there aren’t more of them.

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