Teen Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Car With Toddler Inside in Fort Lauderdale

Police arrest teen suspect who stole car with 1-year-old girl inside

Police have made an arrest after a car was stolen with a 1-year-old girl inside in Fort Lauderdale Wednesday morning.

Fort Lauderdale Police say a 16-year-old male was turned in to detectives late Wednesday evening after the car was stolen around 11 a.m. in the area of Northwest 24th Avenue and 26th Street.

Police said the car and child were found a short time later and the girl was in good health.

The girl, Sariah, had fallen asleep in the car, said her father, Jonathan Rabb. He said he went inside their home to get her juice and left the car running.

"I went indoors and came back out three minutes later. I left my daughter because she was asleep and I didn’t want to wake her," Rabb said. "A lot went through my mind. I was just heartbroken, I was mad at myself, mad at anybody. I was just trying to get my daughter back, that’s all I wanted."

Images of the suspect, who appeared to have left a bicycle behind at the scene. Police believe he likely saw the car running and saw an opportunity to steal it, were captured and led to his arrest.

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