Caring for Our Community: SOS Children’s Villages

NBC 6's Caring for Our Community team joined volunteers in fixing up a playground in Coconut Creek Tuesday.

The volunteer project took place at SOS Children's Villages where more than 70 foster children play.

"We're here to beautify it and hopefully bring some more fun to it," said Megan Borgese, with Coral Springs Auto Mall.

Volunteers reworked the old wood, put down fresh mulch and fixed up a rock path.

"It needs a lot of TLC, it's a natural playground and we couldn't do any of that without volunteers," said Genevieve Areson, a volunteer manager at SOS.

The SOS Children's Villages is a unique place that includes 12 homes, each with six foster children and live-in parents.

"We provide a place where siblings can come and live together instead of being split up in the foster care system," Areson said.

"We get funding from the state, that covers about 50 percent of the cost of caring for the kids, so everything else here is done by private donation," SOS President Keith Duvernay said.

"This is a way for us to not only give back physically and improve their organization but also showcase what they're about and maybe somebody else will be able to participate and help them out," NBC 6 General Manager Larry Olevitch said.

Anyone interested in volunteering or helping out around the neighborhood can visit for more information.

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