Carvalho Visits Sunset High After Principal's Resignation

A day after Sunset Senior High School Principal Lucia Cox resigned amidst questions of cleanliness and sanitation at the school, Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho visited the students to reassure them steps were being taken to address their concerns.

“We owe students two things, an apology; secondly we owe them the right environment,” Carvalho said.

Carvalho’s appearance came after pictures of mold, roaches, and other sanitation problems began to appear on social media over the last month. The pictures prompted an inspection that found the school was not properly clean.

Freshman Pedro Fernandez said he never saw any roaches, but did see other things that made him question the school.

“The mold and juice was a bad experience, I experienced it,” Fernandez said. “I was at lunch when that happened, it felt bad.”

Carvalho wouldn’t speculate about why Cox resigned her position and said she “dedicated 30 years of her career to Miami-Dade County Public Schools.” The night school principal will take over all duties until a new principal is appointed in February.

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