Cat Poo: From the Litterbox to Your Morning Brew

Customers buck up for expensive Cat Poo Coffee

If you thought Starbucks' prices were a load of crap, wait until you get a taste of Cat Poo Coffee.

At $20 for a 12-ounce cup, you'd think the brew made out of poo wouldn't be very popular, but yesterday at Bennet's Fresh Roast in Fort Myers, eager joe drinkers lined up just to get a taste of the stinky stuff.

"I like coffees from around the world and this is just so weird I said I have to try this," customer Bob Hennagin told WBBH. "Cat poo coffee, what could be better?"

Called Kopi Luwak, the beans are picked from the feces of an Indonesian animal called a Civet, which closely resembles a cat. The Civet eats the coffee cherries off trees, and after passing through their digestive tract, some unlucky sap picks through the poop to get the beans.

Only about 500 pounds of the beans are produced each year, with a pound costing around $200.

Customers couldn't get enough at Bennet's, which purchased one pound for $190.

"I like it! It's really good!" said customer Annie Vigil. "It's earthy, robust, has a strong aftertaste."

Considering its origin, the aftertaste is expected, though brewers insist any harmful ingredients are cooked off when the beans are roasted.

And while it likely won't become a daily caffeine fix for anyone, customers enjoyed the crappy coffee for at least one day.

"20 bucks for a lifetime experience, it was worth it, it's good stuff," Hennagin said.

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