Fort Lauderdale

Man Attacks Owner of Fort Lauderdale Exotic Car Rental Business

Surveillance video shows a man punching the owner of a Fort Lauderdale exotic car rental dealership, an attack the victim says was all because of the business.

The attack happened May 7 at Ocean Drive Exotic Cars on Broward Boulevard. The owner, Eric Blumberg, said the attacker walked into the business, said something about a girlfriend and then delivered the blow.

"He came to my desk and punched me in my face, and then he clobbered me in the back of my neck," Blumberg said.

The video shows the suspect throwing Blumberg to the ground before escaping. Blumberg escapes from under his desk and runs off to try to chase him.

Blumberg, who has been in the exotic car rental business for years, recently moved to this new location. He believes the attack wasn't personal, but from a competing vehicle rental shop nearby.

"There is a competitor of mine who threatened me in writing a few weeks ago, to get off of Broward Boulevard or else, and that I had been warned," Blumberg said. "It seems like a real big coincidence that that this person who I don't know showed up."

His attacker is still at large and police are investigating.

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