Caught on Camera: Fort Lauderdale Officer Slaps & Pushes Homeless Man to Ground

A Fort Lauderdale police officer has been suspended with pay after he was caught on camera slapping and pushing a homeless man to the ground on Monday.

Bruce Laclair, 58, was trying to use the restroom when he was arrested by Officer Victor Ramirez for trespassing.

A young woman and her fiance recorded the incident when they noticed a confrontation between the man and officer.

WARNING: YouTube video contains profanity:

"Like, oh my God, it was horrifying to think that a cop would just do that to anybody!" the 21-year-old witness said.

Fort Lauderdale police are investigating the incident and are asking the public to not jump to conclusions until the investigation is complete.

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Chief Frank Adderley said Ramirez, a nine-year veteran, has never been disciplined and has three citizen complaints that were unfounded.

"It's a serious matter, one that we need to immediately respond to," Adderley said.

Ramirez has been placed on leave. Laclair has bonded out of jail. It is unknown if he has an attorney at this time.

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