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Caught on Camera: Thieves Target Luxury Cars in SW Miami-Dade

Surveillance video of the incident on a neighborhood watch app sparked a massive response from residents who say they too were victims of the same luxury car thefts

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Police are hoping to pump the brakes on a group of burglars who target luxury cars in the southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood.

Surveillance video from the Siddons' front yard shows an instance where the burglars got away with a high-end vehicle in the middle of the day.

“They were very quick," Luciana Fragali Siddons said.

It was around 4 p.m. on a Saturday, and as the Siddons family hosted a barbecue in their backyard — the theft was happening in their front yard. They didn’t realize what was going on until one of their guests walked out to grab a jacket from her car.

“She comes back in the house and says, 'My car was stolen,'" Siddons said.

The Alpha Romeo SUV was stolen — Siddons says her friend’s car was unlocked. The thieves also got away with cash and a wallet from two other cars parked in the driveway.

“My biggest concern is, what if when my friend came out to get her jacket they were actually doing it? What would they do? Are they armed? That is my biggest concern," Siddons said. "What if my kids walked outside to go to the trunk to get something they forgot?"

In nearby Coral Gables, three days after the Siddons' Jan. 15 burglary, surveillance video shows a man jumping over a gate to try and steal a Porsche, there was no key fob inside.

"So they’re jumping walls now, which they didn't do before. More scary," Siddons said.

Siddons posted her surveillance video to a neighborhood watch app and says she received dozens of messages from people in the Ponce Davis area and surrounding neighborhoods about similar burglary cases this month.

“I got a reaction from my neighbors that I wasn't expecting. And we are trying to get together and come up with a solution to avoid this incident," Siddons said.

Coral Gables Police urge people to lock their cars. They say with luxury cars specifically, thieves look at the mirrors to see if a car is locked or not.

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