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Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day With These Gooey Deals

It’s National Cheese Pizza Day, and pizzerias around the U.S., including South Florida, are offering deals to help celebrate the delicious food holiday. Here’s where you can celebrate with cheap, cheesy slices and pies:


Are you a fan of Domino’s cheese pizzas? Well, they’re offering a $5.99 mix-match deal from an array of menu items including handmade pizzas, pasta and wings. Click here for more:

Pizza Hut

Chicken and bacon? Pepperoni and sausage? Pizza Hut is celebrating with a large 2-topping pizza deal for just $7.99. Pick your two toppings and click here for more.

Papa John’s

If you use the promo code “LG1TOP7” at Papa John’s, you can chow down on a large 1-topping pizza for $7. More details here:

Hungry Howie’s

Head to Hungry Howie’s and walk out with a medium 2-topping pizza and Howie bread for $7.99. To enjoy this tasty special, pizza lovers must use the promo code “HHP1.” Click here for more:

Dough Boy’s

Planning on celebrating National Cheese Pizza Day tonight? Well, Dough Boys is offering a “Wacky Week Night” deal for a big 14” cheese pie for $7.49. Click here for your coupon. 

Little Caesars

Yes, today is all about cheese pizza lovers, but what about meat lover fans? Little Caesars is offering a large 5-meat feast (bacon, sausage, ham, pepperoni, and beef) for $9. Click here for more on this meat mountain pie.

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