Center Helps Teachers Help Students

Every year your child's teacher spends an average of $ 900 a year on school supplies

Every year your child's teacher spends an average of $900 a year on school supplies. Wednesday, Broward officials announced more resources to help ease the burden. It’s a special center helping teachers help students.

Oakland Park Elementary teacher Kelly Hickman wants all she can get.

"Crayons, markers, glue, folders, pencils, definitely pencils. I go through two boxes of pencils a day easily," she explained.

Hickman is one of two teachers chosen to grab as many free supplies in 60 seconds.

"I spend easily $1,000 to $1,500 a year," Hickman said.

"We don't want teachers to have to do that. They're underpaid as it is," said Jorene Jameson with the Broward Education Foundation. So the group organized a giveaway as part of a grand opening for the Kids in Need Resource Center's new, expanded location. It brought out Broward businesses and school officials to celebrate.

The supply store supports teachers whose students have the most financial need. Twice a year Broward teachers rack up on supplies for free. The center is constantly accepting donations to make sure all of these supplies can stay in the classroom.

"Everything is donated by corporations and it's all new products,” Jameson explained.

"Due to budget cuts and so forth, three months into the year they have no more paper,” said business supporter Joseph Cabo. So they’re giving a little bonus to go a long way for teachers who pay to do their job.

"If we want them to be successful," Hickman explained, "we definitely have to reach into our pocket."

To donate, call 754-321-9020 or email The center is located at 2300 West Copans Rd. in Pompano Beach.

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