Central Florida Substitute Teacher Threatened to Have Gunman Shoot Third Grade Students: Officials

A substitute teacher on her very first day at a Central Florida elementary school allegedly threatened to allow a gunman into the classroom to shoot the students.

NBC affiliate WESH in Orlando reports that the 61-year-old substitute teacher had just completed training and was teaching for the first time at Turie T. Small Elementary School in Daytona Beach.

Just a few hours into the school day Thursday, the teacher allegedly told a class of third-grade students that if they did not stop misbehaving, she would allow a gunman into the classroom to shoot them.

She reportedly dangled the classroom keys in front of the children, claiming she would give them to someone dangerous and allow them to come in.

A parent speaking to WESH claimed his or her child said the teacher threatened to have someone come in and shoot them all between the eyes.

According to the report, all students in the classroom relayed the same story. The substitute teacher was removed and escorted off campus.

An assistant principal sent a recorded message home to parents, saying the school took the allegations seriously and was working closely with the district to address the incident.

Volusia County schools spokeswoman Nancy Wait told WESH the substitute teacher will no longer be eligible for any job with the school district.

A school resource officer documented the incident in a police report, according to WESH.

The substitute had previously worked in extended after-school care as a non-district employee and had no previous issues, according to Wait.

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