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Changes Coming to Young Circle in Hollywood Under Proposed Plan

What to Know

  • The current proposed plan’s cost would be estimated between $15 to $20 million.

Change is cyclical — and city leaders in Hollywood hope that’s the case for one busy and well-known area that could soon see a major redesign.

Young Circle has had its share of congestion problems, but that could soon change as a proposed revamp is planning a facelift for the busy roadway.

“I think it’s a game changer for traffic and showing ways that we can make a difference and make it more accessible and easy,” said Vice Mayor Traci Callari. “I’m behind it 100 percent.”

At a community redevelopment meeting on Wednesday, most city leaders gave the green light to this redesign. Instead of the current seven traffic lights, this new proposal would have zero lights with five roundabouts.

According to commissioners, this overhaul would make Hollywood the only city in the world with a major two way traffic circle with cars in the outside lane driving counterclockwise while the inner lanes go clockwise.

But some are still skeptical before they get 100 percent on board.

“Cutting across if you would, two lanes of traffic in a circle, that’s what makes me skeptical when it comes to that,” said city commissioner Peter Hernandez. “Having foot traffic going across both of those patterns is something that is of concern. I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring forth.”

“Yes, there has been some preliminary modeling done and some preliminary looks which you do in step one, but it has not been proven to work yet,” said Scott Peterson from the Florida Department of Transportation.

The current proposed plan's cost would be estimated between $15 to $20 million. The source of funding is still in the works as the proposal has to get through the second phase. FDOT will have to approve of this redesign and it would be completed in 2025.

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