climate change Aug 9

Dangerous Climate Change is Here: IPCC

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released the first of three installments of the Sixth Assessment Report Monday. The first installment, called Working Group I, discusses the physical scie...

  • climate check Mar 26

    ‘Water is the Climate Story for South Florida': Expert Reflects in Honor of World Water Day

    Monday, March 22nd marked World Water Day, a day dedicated to making connections between climate change and the earth’s water supply, and finding ways to take action to ensure everyone has access to clean water. Bernadette Wood Placky, chief meteorologist at Climate Matters, spoke to NBC 6 about how water is South Florida’s biggest conc...
  • Port St. Lucie Mar 1

    Disappearing Seagrass Hurting Beloved Manatees in Florida

    Tens of thousands of acres of seagrass that is critical to the health of the Indian River Lagoon have disappeared, according to a report in the Daytona Beach News-Journal. The situation is threatening a number of species, including manatees, who depend on seagrass for food. Since 2009, 58% of the seagrass in the lagoon system has disappea...
  • climate & environment Feb 28

    Giant Iceberg Nearly 9 Times the Size of Miami Breaks Off Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica

    A huge iceberg nearly nine times the size of Miami has broken off the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. The phenomena is known as calving, and comes almost a decade after scientists at the British Antarctic Survey first detected growth of vast cracks in the ice. It’s the third major crack in the ice shelf that’s become active in...

  • Broward Jan 31

    South Florida Group on Mission to Protect, Clean Up Local Waterways

    Fort Lauderdale is home to stunning and beautiful mazes of canals, but these precious waterways require constant care and meticulous maintenance. That’s where Paddle With A Purpose steps in. The organization held its most-recent clean-up on a crisp Saturday in January. Volunteers got out on kayaks or walked the banks of the New River in Fort Lauder...
  • climate check Feb 29, 2020

    How Climate Change Is Shaping the Future

    With just over a month left, the bush fire season in Australia is far from over but the current situation is much improved. Almost all of the fires are out in Australia, and according to the New South Wales Rural fire service, those that are still burning are contained. In the aftermath of the fires, the country has come together…

  • climate check Feb 28, 2020

    The Politics of Climate Change

    The massive fires in Australia may be under control, but anger from the summer still simmers across the country. A scorched countryside and an ecological disaster are bringing together thousands of displeased concerned citizens to march on Australian capital cities. The masses blasting the lack of action on the climate crisis and demanding that tho...
  • climate check Feb 27, 2020

    How Climate Change Impacts Australia's Great Barrier Reef

    In the wake of the Australian bushfires, the images coming out of the country set ablaze were jarring. The collision of the country’s most extreme drought and most extreme temperatures shocked the world. With views of a scorched Earth and injured or perished animals flooding social media and news outlets, it was easy to see the devastation. “...
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    UNPRECEDENTED: A Climate Check Special Series

    South Florida is widely considered Ground Zero for climate change in the United States.  NBC 6 is committed to reporting on this global crisis and how it is challenging and changing our way of life. Globally, Australia rests at the heart of climate change. Raging fires have devastated the island continent over the past few months. Extreme heat...
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  • Mosquitoes Nov 16, 2020

    Fighting Mosquito With GMO Mosquito: The Battle Brewing in the Florida Keys

    Scientists are a few months into an experiment to stop the invasive Aedes aegypti mosquito. Their weapon of choice? A genetically modified mosquito.

  • climate change Aug 3, 2020

    The Problem With Plastic

    A look at local efforts to curb environmental pollution from plastic waste in South Florida.

  • Florida Jun 29, 2020

    New Data Shows the Hidden Flood Threat in Florida

    The ongoing threat of flooding in coastal communities across the country – like South Florida – has been well publicized, but new research suggests that millions of more people may be at risk than some government estimates previously suggested. The nonprofit First Street Foundation released its National Flood Risk Assessment Monday, which considere...
  • first alert weather Jun 2, 2020

    Climate Change Adding to Potential Danger of Hurricane Season

    The last five years have been the hottest on record for the planet Earth. The last three years have seen an unprecedented series of shocking storms that scientists point to as being amplified by climate change. In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 60 inches of rain on parts of Southeast Texas. One year later, Hurricane Florence brou...
  • climate change May 22, 2020

    Study Focuses on Link Between Animal-Based Foods and Climate Change

    In 2016, red meat and poultry consumption in America averaged out to about 130 pounds per person per year. The methane given off by beef and dairy animals, plus the additional energy required to feed animals, means that animal-based foods are a significant contributor to our warming planet. A new study co-conducted by researchers at the University ...
  • water supply May 14, 2020

    Impacts of Water Usage During Coronavirus Pandemic

    The coronavirus has pushed the pause button on industries around the world ultimately improving air quality, but with more people staying at home, running the dishwasher more and doing extra loads of laundry, what has that meant for water usage? In India, they’re seeing the Himalayan Mountains from 100 miles away that they haven’t seen ...
  • shark fin trade May 15, 2020

    FIU Scientist Leading Research of Shark Fin Trade

    The illegal sale of shark fins is a global problem, but one Miami scientist is leading research to fight it by going undercover on the other side of the world. Dr. Demian Chapman is a marine scientist at Florida International University, and he’s leading a team of DNA detectives as they try to expose the secrets of the shark...

  • BP oil spil May 15, 2020

    UM Researchers Studying Impacts 10 Years After BP Oil Spill

    The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the worst in American history. Ten years ago, 11 workers were killed as 210 million gallons of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico, spanning 92,000 miles. BP, the company responsible for the accident, was fined billions. They also committed to funding ten years of research. Much of that research has been happening ...
  • climate change Apr 28, 2020

    What the US' Response to Coronavirus Can Teach Us About Climate Change

    Much of the global population was caught off guard as COVID-19 rapidly spread across the world, but scientists and health experts had been warning about the threat of a pandemic for decades. Those calls for action went largely unheard, resulting in our country and others caught unprepared for the coronavirus and its repercussions.

  • Gulf of Mexico Apr 21, 2020

    10 Years After BP Spill: Oil Drilled Deeper; Rules Relaxed

    Ten years ago, an oil rig explosion killed 11 workers and unleashed an environmental nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Changing Climate Feb 27, 2020

    The Devastating Wildlife Loss of Australia's Wildfires

    In the midst of the unprecedented wildfire devastation in Australia, an unfathomable wildlife catastrophe occurred. The fires overtook 27 million acres of landscape and with it the animals that live there. Scientists estimate more than a billion individual animals have been lost on the Australian continent during the 2019-2020 bushfire season. “We’...
  • Changing Climate Feb 6, 2020

    Conservationists Buy Florida Lake With Gulf Oil Spill Funds

    The Nature Conservancy has acquired a 20,161 acre piece of land in the Florida Panhandle, calling it one of the largest conservation wins in over a decade

  • climate change Jan 25, 2020

    Miami Recommits to Reducing Emissions by 2050

    With sea level rise already lapping at its door, the city of Miami made its first significant commitment to address the root cause of climate change, not just the symptoms. The city government plans to go carbon neutral by 2050, a pledge that will change everything from what city employees drive to how the city builds and how it powers…...
  • climate change Jan 22, 2020

    The Politics of Climate Change After Australian Bushfires

    On our last day here in Australia, we traveled to the country’s capital city of Canberra.  This city is home to Parliament House and Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who has been facing intense criticism for his handling of the bush fires that have been scorching the country and his views on climate change. Twelve days ago, tens of thousands......
  • Florida Jan 21, 2020

    Flooding Risks Could Devalue Florida Real Estate: Report

    Flooding due to climate change-related sea level rising, the erosion of natural barriers and long-periods of rain pose substantial economic risks to Florida, particularly to the value of South Florida real estate, according to two new reports released last week. Estimates based on past trends suggest that losses from flooding in Florida could deval...
  • Australia Wildfires Jan 21, 2020

    A Cautionary Tale: What Climate Change in Australia Signals for Us

    Welcome to Ground Zero for climate change. Australia is burning at an unprecedented rate thanks to extreme heat and drought.  And scientists saw it coming. In a 2008 report, Australian climate experts warned of a massive increase in the extent and severity of bush fires if the country and global community didn’t reduce carbon emissions. “They ...
  • Miami-Dade Dec 23, 2019

    Miami-Dade City Starts Resilience Fund for Climate Change

    A small ocean-side town in South Florida has created a “resilience fund” that will be used to help residents adopt to climate change in a first-of-its-kind effort. The town of Surfside’s fund will be used for buyouts of residents’ homes, among other projects. It also will give residents an assessment of the risks of living where they ar...
  • Changing Climate Dec 13, 2019

    The Town of Surfside Declares Climate Emergency

    During a commission meeting Tuesday night, Surfside became the third South Florida city to recognize the growing threat climate change poses, as it declared a climate emergency. In a resolution signed by Surfside Mayor Daniel Dietch, the town joined Miami Beach and the City of Miami in urging the state of Florida and the federal government to colla...
  • Changing Climate Dec 13, 2019

    Officials Want $100M for Reef Restoration in Florida Keys

    Federal officials announced plans Monday to raise $100 million to fund projects to restore seven significant coral reef sites in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. “Mission: Iconic Reefs” calls for restoring nearly 70 acres (28 hectares) of the Florida Reef Tract, one of the largest strategies ever proposed for coral restoration, the Natio...
  • Changing Climate Dec 13, 2019

    Faster Rising Seas Forecast in South Florida in New Projection

    New scientific projections released Wednesday predict that ocean levels will rise even faster than previously forecast over the next four decades in low-lying southeastern Florida, which is already prone to frequent flooding even on sunny days. Compared with estimates made in 2015, the new prediction is for about 5 inches in additional sea level ri...
  • Florida Everglades Dec 13, 2019

    Guardians Fight Time, Climate to Save Florida Everglades

    Grabbing a clump of vegetation to steady herself, Tiffany Troxler gingerly slides her feet along the makeshift boardwalk as she ventures out into the marsh. The boards sag, dipping her up to her knees in the tea-colored water. “This is the treacherous part,” the Florida International University researcher says. “The water levels are up.” To a layma...
  • Donald Trump Dec 13, 2019

    Florida GOP Facing Pressure Over Climate Change

    Since taking office in January, Florida’s Republican governor has appointed a science officer, established a climate change czar and pledged to spend billions of dollars to restore the Everglades and combat the pollutants that spawn blue-green algae and red tides.

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