Charge! Crist Camp Abused Credit Cards, Too

GOP often picked up the tab for Crist, report alleges


Gov. Charlie Crist made a big stink about rival Marco Rubio getting his back waxed on the GOP's dime, but as the old saying goes, those living in glass houses shouldn't play indoor baseball.

Turns out Crist also participated in a little plastic card mayhem, according to the St. Pete Times.

Crist charged campaign expenses like T-shirts and hats for the Annual Charlie Crist Fishing Tournament in Key West to some of his croneys Florida Republican Party American Express Card.

The state GOP also picked up the tab for travel and airfare, according to the report. While none of the charges are actually on Crist's account, many are clearly labeled as a Crist expense. In case you were wondering, there were no charges found linked to tanning salons or manicures.

Rubio's camp hasn't jumped all over this yet, but you can bet a "gotcha" ad campaign is on the way.

Rubio is looking like a runaway winner in the race for the U.S. Senate seat, but had taken a little heat for charging airline tickets, grocery store trips and a $134 trip to a Miami barber.

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