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Charges Dropped Against Doctor Accused of Accessing Ex-Girlfriend's Home Security Cameras

What to Know

  • Surgeon Colin Knight was accused back in May for accessing his ex's home camera footage and spying on her.
  • Knight would have faced years in prison had he been convicted of the 40 counts of unauthorized computer access.

A South Florida doctor who was accused back in May of accessing his ex-girlfriend's home security camera without her permission and spying on her had all charges against him dropped.

Colin Knight, a surgeon, faced years in prison had be been convicted of the 40 counts of unauthorized computer access and one count of video voyeurism. On Tuesday, he told NBC 6 the state attorney's office cleared him of all charges.

"It was disrupting to me personally and professionally," Knight said. "And I am glad to be able to put this all behind."

Knight's former girlfriend alleged he remotely accessed the surveillance cameras in her home to spy on her without her permission.

"I could not believe that those devices were the very ones used to completely violate my right to privacy in my own home," Grace Carricarte told NBC 6 back in May.

Carricarte also alleged he was watching her in her home for up to six hours a day, even after they broke up.

But Knight said she asked him to be on the lookout for her after someone tried to get into her home.

"It was great to see that the justice system prevailed in finding the truth," Knight said.

Alexander Fox, Knight's attorney, alleged Carricarte gave Knight permission and asked him to check on her periodically.

"And we provided sworn testimony to the state attorney’s office that rebutted what she said," Fox said.

Knight told us that the negative spotlight prevented him from his charity work.

"Some of the volunteer organizations, when they saw in the press that had come out about me, felt like they could not be associated with me anymore," he said.

Carricarte, who was out of the country at the time NBC 6 reached her for comment, said she was disappointed in the state attorney's decision to drop the charges. Her lawyer told NBC 6 he believed the evidence against Knight wasn't properly evaluated. 

Carricarte and her lawyer told NBC 6 they are moving forward to try to get a permanent restraining order and junction against Knight.

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